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Open Research Forum 2015
Keio Research Institute at SFC



  Planting Seeds for the Future – 25 Years after the Foundation of SFC.

On November 20th and 21st, Keio University SFC Open Research Forum 2015 held displays and presentations of research findings at SFC, and hosted talk sessions and workshops after the Preliminary Session on the 19th. The talk sessions invited commentators from various fields, while the workshops allowed the visitors themselves to “create” and “experience.” The findings of colorful and edgy studies conducted at SFC, and the future they create were shown at the events.

  Searching for Seeds for the Next Century with the Hope of Growing Mighty Trees.

Early forms of scientific technologies, social systems and industries that are deeply rooted in our daily lives of the 21st century were born as far back as 100 years ago. As these technologies, systems and industries infiltrated to the world to enrich our lives, complex problems also arose. Today our mission is to disentangle those problems. As we envision the world to the future, it is now our turn to plant a “seed” that will grow into technologies, systems and industries in 100 years. What is the “seed” we need to plant?

We chose “Seeds for the Next Century” as the theme of ORF2015. By “seeds” we mean technologies and systems that SFC, which calls itself “a campus where the future is created,” produces and cultivates in the hope that they will be highly significant for society 100 years from now. It may be that only a handful of the seeds will grow to become mighty trees in 100 years, but we wanted the visitors to ORF2015 to find and select which seeds born here at SFC should be planted for the future.

Chair of Planning Committee
					Jin Nakazawa

Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University. Completed Doctoral Program at Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance. Areas of research include distributed systems, middleware, ubiquitous computing, and computer networks.

  Sports Dynamics and Informatics Laboratory

We are developing assistance technologies to make sports enjoyable for everyone. At ORF2015, we introduced the M-Tracer system which can analyze golf swings, and another system in which a stadium is equipped with WiFi so that players can see video footages of their performance right there and then so they can receive feedback immediately.

Tokio Maeda
					1st-year Student of Master’s Program, Graduate School of Media and Governance

Nanami Ota
					3rd-year Student,Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

  Shimpo Fumio Lab

We conduct research with the main focus on examining the problems of today’s internet society from legal and governance perspectives and making policy recommendations. For instance, we take a close look at the way personal information and big data are handled, as well as legal and policy measures and issues for ensuring the safe use of the internet, and present concrete suggestions.

Kiyoto Oshio
				3rd-year Student, Faculty of Policy Management

  Yorizumi Watanabe laboratory

After a long 5 and a half years since the start of negotiations, an agreement in principle on the Trans Pacific Partnership has been reached, pushing the region to become a giant free-trade zone accounting for about 40% of the world’s GDP. We incorporated into our exhibition the content of the agreements, as well as the assertions and intentions of participating nations, and future escalatory.

Chihiro Yoshihara 3rd-year Student, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

  Miraisozojuku SBC(Student Build Campus)

At the workshop, we asked visitors to ORF to come up with ideas for how the SFC campus should look 10 years from now. Using models and pictures, we made changes to the campus and simulated an ideal “experimental campus.”

Yutaro Muraji Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance

  SFC Bio

Introducing “Tsuruoka Metabolome Cohort Study,” a joint project to develop preventive medical care by experts on local public health, Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture and the prefectural government, and Keio University’s own Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, and School of Medicine; and the “Residential Program of Experiment Classes in Tsuruoka Town Campus of Keio,” both of which are part of a wide range of studies conducted by SFC Bio.

Takahiro Masuda 3rd-year Student, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Hitomi Okazaki 4th-year Student, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

  • Laboratoryon Innovative Research and Practices for Nursing
  • Kanie Lab
  • Hajime Narukawa Lab.
  • 〈PREMIUM SESSION〉 Visions for the Global Society on Planetary Fab 2025– internet x bio x design x fab

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